Inmagic® AssociatioNet: Uniting Information Assets with the Community You Serve

Inmagic® AssociatioNet helps associations and member-driven organizations collect, organize, and socialize core knowledge to increase awareness, provide relevant information quickly, encourage patronage, and help staff and members achieve their objectives.AssociatioNet

Welcome to Associations 2.0

One of an association’s primary missions is to advance the creation, communication, and application of knowledge for the benefit of its members. This makes reliable information sharing and collaboration essential to improving service levels, and attracting and retaining members. Moving to an Association 2.0 environment puts the focus on building an affinity among members and advancing the organization’s interest with all constituents by leveraging an interactive, content-rich user community.

Why AssociatioNet

AssociatioNet, which is powered by Inmagic’s award-winning Presto technology, is designed to improve associations’ member experience by connecting staff and members with relevant content, and it simplifies the process of publishing and managing content products. Through AssociatioNet, subject matter expertise and relevant information are made more accessible to your membership community – making your association an essential and preferred information resource. AssociatioNet enables you to:

  • Create interactive, collaborative, content-rich user communities
  • Drive recruitment, retention, and productivity
  • Improve member experience finding and interacting with your content products
  • Foster deeper member relationships
  • Become a preferred information resource
  • Streamline the management and publishing of content products
  • Increase sales and renewals

AssociatioNet Presto

AssociatioNet enables you to easily create home pages – such the example shown here – for different levels of users, including members, guests, internal users, and external constituents.

What Users Say about AssociatioNet

“AssociatioNet gives all of our constituents – both staff and members – access to content that is more relevant, targeted, valuable, and specific. This sets us apart from other resources and makes us a preferred source of information.” – Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

“By enabling our members to use Presto’s resource query tool, we’ve seen the number of inquiries requiring help from our information specialists drop dramatically, enabling us for the first time to become proactive and reduce response time to members’ inquiries by as much as 85 percent.” – Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)